WEYMOUTH Cowboys are still looking for their first victory of the season after three league games.

The Cowboys got off to a great start, with Andy Steel having the hot hand after hitting two threes to open and then finished the quarter with 10 of Weymouth’s 11 points.

Exeter managed to hold on to the one-man wrecking crew’s coat-tails, to only trail the quarter by two.

In the second period, Exeter, took a hold of the game, Rob-ertshaw being a highlight for the hometown team, chipping in with five points.

However, it was the away team’s quarter, making the half-time score 28-21 to the visitors.

The third period was a tight affair, with neither team taking advantage of the other’s poor attacking performance, as the away team increased their lead to 11-6 at the end of this quarter.

In the fourth, Weymouth went up through the gears, dominating on both attack and defence.

The Cowboys could only muster four points in the quarter to the away team’s 19, leaving them 31-58 behind at the end.

Cowboy Sam Brown said: “We had a good first quarter, but the lack of team cohesion and training showed, especially in the second half.

“Once coach Connor Doherty, has the opportunity to guide the team, the basic mistakes made in the game will reduce.”

Cowboys: Andy Steel 12, Jeff Robertshaw 10, Tom Storey 7, Tommy Hodson 2, Simon Dean, Steve Reece, Kyle Houlden, Alex Legg, Sam Brown, Scott White Weymouth MVP: Andy Steel