Exeter & District Division Two


IN-FORM Raiders continued their undefeated streak after beating North Devon.

The visitors arrived in Weymouth with a six-man team even though it was a very experienced line-up.

Weymouth started the brighter and scored three points from the first offence.

Raiders maintained a high intensity throughout the first quarter to lead 23-8.

This was mainly thanks to Jeff Robertshaw and fine defending by Alan Ridout and Connor Doherty, who all communicated well.

In the second period, Weymouth lost all intensity on offence that kept defence at a highly intensity, with the second quarter ending 10-4 to North Devon.

The second half saw Weymouth suffer a lack of concentration in both the offence and defence.

Mistakes were made all over the court as the hosts were not able to collect rebounds or properly box out their man.

This caused home coach Craig Sorrellto change from a man-to-man back to a 2-1-2 defence, as this worked so successfully in the first quarter.

Unfortunately, by then the damage had been done with North Devon being able to catch Raiders twice, scoring 18 to eight.

Weymouth started the fourth quarter frantically after Sorrell had some choice words with his team.

This was in order to regain the confidence that they had lost during the middle two quarters.

Robertshaw and Ridout answered their coach’s request in being more direct in going to the basket.

The final period was a nail-biter as both teams traded points and hard defence.

North Devon took a three-point lead, but this was cancelled out by a score from Max Gilmartin, pictured, to force the game into overtime.

Raiders went into this period full of confidence thanks to Gilmartin.

However, this was very short-lived as star man Robertshaw collected two technical fouls in a row and was ejected from the game.

Coach Sorrell had to come up with a plan of action and he sent on Jerry Thompson who was nothing but exceptional for the remaining time.

Piotr Larson took full advantage by punishing the visitors as his side claimed the points.

Raiders: Piotr Lason 23, Jeff Robertshaw 17, Max Gilmartin 12, Jerry Thompson 6, Dan Park 3, Alan Ridout 3, Connor Doherty 2, Tom Storey, Tommy Hodson, Rob Legg Weymouth MVP: Piotr Lason