Exeter & District Men’s Division One


WEYMOUTH Bandits put up a brave fight against second-placed Torbay, who have only lost once this season.

The day didn’t start well for Bandits as sickness and unavailability struck again, leaving them short of men.

The game started with the Tigers pushing at a ferocious pace which took Weymouth by surprise and meant they struggled to compete.

Even though the pace was still quick and the Bandits were down on points, they were not disheartened as both Jake Kinder and Chris Canham scored long-range efforts.

Weymouth changed their offence with the emphasis on inside plays to Joel Franks, pictured, Ian Manley and Andy Steel.

They combined some strong rebounds with effective plays under the ring to outscore Torbay, though Weymouth still trailed overall.

The third quarter started with a different energy from the Bandits.

Great rebounding from Vitoldas Balciunas and Rob Legg formed a platform to push on, with Kinder and Canham again scoring long-range efforts.

Torbay didn’t have a response and the Bandits clawed their way back to within five points.

This comeback was tiring for the visitors and, seven minutes into the third quarter, they started to slow.

Quick substitutes followed but, unfortunately, Torbay managed to fight back to take a 13-point lead by the end of the quarter.

The Bandits get to within six points of Torbay again in the fourth period but the Tigers changed their system and snuffed out their opponents’ offence.

Bandits’ coach Alex Fuhrmann said: “I’m really surprised the lads did this well so far away from home, especially with such a thin squad.”

Bandits: Ian Manley 14, Jake Kinder 11, Chris Canham 11, Vitoldas Balciunas 11, Joel Franks 9, Andy Steel 4, Rob Legg.

MVP: Joel Franks