WEYMOUTH Bandits suffered cup agony after falling at the semi-final stage at Middlemore.

The visitors went into this game looking to make good a start as they have only managed one win away from home so far this season.

The opening saw Vitoldas Balciunas win the tip-off and hard play from both teams saw the score remain very close throughout.

Three straight points from big man Joel Franks followed by four free throws made by guard Craig Sorrell kept Weymouth neck and neck with the Chargers.

The quarter ended with a fine open three-point shot from Andy Steele to see the first quarter end with the hosts 17-16 ahead.

The Bandits opened the scoring in the second period with Chris Can-ham getting his first points of the game.

However, for every point the Bandits scored, Crediton replied.

The away side showed a change in defensive strategy by attempting to stop points coming from the inside scoring.

While this tactic worked it meant that Crediton had to change their strategy, which paid dividends for them as they finished the quarter having scored three three-point shots.

Weymouth managed once again to land a three-pointer at the end of the period but this was not enough to bring the scores level as they went into the half trailing the Chargers 39-34.

After the half-time break, the Bandits were looking for a strong quarter to come back from their five-point deficit.

However, the opening did not go as well as they had hoped as the hosts managed to score eight points to Weymouth’s two.

The next three minutes saw the Bandits spark their offence as they scored back-to-back points from Jake Kinder and Balciunas.

That marked the end of the run in the quarter for Weymouth and the final minutes saw the Chargers score five unanswered points and allowed them to maintain the lead at the period’s end.

The fourth quarter needed some huge plays for the Bandits to claw back the score going into the quarter with a 10-point deficit.

A quick flurry of points once again cut the scores to within eight points.

But then disaster struck and Weymouth’s guard Kinder, pictured, suffered an injury, meaning he had to sit out the rest of the game.

And once again the home side found their rhythm and managed to maintain the lead throughout to end Weymouth’s cup dream.

Bandits: Craig Sorrell 19, Joel Franks 13, Ian Manley 10, Vatoldas Balciunas 11 , Jake Kinder 7, Andy Steel 5 , Chris Canham 2, Carl Carter

MVP: Craig Sorrell