WEYMOUTH Under-16s rounded off their most successful season in recent history by winning the regional play-offs in Alex Fuhrmann's last matches as the team's coach.

The Tropics, favourites to take the title as the top-ranked side, began their play-off campaign against Basingstoke, who gave Weymouth their only test of the season when they met in the league.

However, on this occasion Basingstoke were without their leading scorer and Weymouth made light work of their opponents.

For their semi-final match-up they faced an awkward Winchester side that sported a 6ft 8in centre, and Weymouth didn’t manage to find their groove until the second half.

Luke Strong and Jerry Thompson went full throttle as they used the inside-outside game to pull Winchester apart.

With a place in the finals, it was time for Weymouth to show why they were the top-ranked team in the competition and why every team was gunning for them.

Their opponents for the game were the Gosport Scorpions, who had made their way to the final as the lowest-ranked team in the tournament.

The first half was a sloppy affair as both sides were unable to find a rhythm, relying on their opponents to make a mistake.

It was only until coach Fuhrmann was requested to use some choice words to ignite his team that they came to life.

This was a key turning point in the match as Weymouth quickly turned their opponents' faults into their own success.

Thompson and Max Gilmartin drove the team on as Gosport's own standout players crumbled under the pressure.

As the clock wound down it was clear Weymouth had done enough to win.

Fuhrmann said: “The boys have tested my nerves all season.

"Despite our success, I am always keen to put emphasis on the performance rather than the result.

“This was a classic match-up. Loose nerves and missed lay-ups allowed Gosport to stay in the game and it was only when the boys had a talking to that they decided they wanted to win.

"This was a great way to finish the season and as my time as under-16 coach.”

Tropics: Max Gilmartin (play-off MVP), Jerry Thompson, Luke Strong, Rory Legg, Dan Hampson, Ewan Goodwin, Kim De Leon, Eric Robertshaw, Bruce Florentino, Derek Marquez, Matt Chubb