WEYMOUTH left the Turtles shell-shocked after they recorded a superb victory despite travelling with only six players.

As the first quarter got underway, Bandit Craig Sorrell got the game rolling.

He scored the first 13 points for the visitors as they pulled away swiftly from Torbay, outclassing the home side offensively and defensively, to take the quarter 33-15.

The second quarter had the same tempo from the Bandits with all six players getting on the scoresheet and putting 100 per cent into their game.

With Alex Legg and Jeff Robertshaw getting good open shots from outside the key, the Bandits kept applying the pressure on offence while, at the other end, Jordan Daniels played a key part in keeping the defence tight.

The Bandits came out on top of the second quarter, keeping Torbay to 15 again against their 27.

Going into the second half with a healthy 30-60 lead, Weymouth looked a little fatigued as the Turtles hit eight points with no answer.

However, it didn’t take long for the Bandits to pull it back again after strong drives into the key from Chris Canham and Craig Sorrell.

Torbay started getting into foul trouble and with 10 from 13 shots from the free throw line made meant the third quarter finished tied at 15-15.

The fourth period was going to be tough for the depleted Bandits.

With help from Tom Storey getting out to stop the outside shots, Weymouth held the home side to only lose the last quarter 16-9 to bring home the points 84-61.

Bandits: Craig Sorrell 45, Jeff Robertshaw 10, Jordan Daniels 9, Tom Storey 9, Chris Canham 7, Alex Legg 4

MVP: Craig Sorrell