JURASSIC Coasters earned their second Under-16s' South West National League win of the season after seeing off the Raiders.

Straight from the off, the Coasters showed their dominance going on a 14-2 run in the first five minutes with baskets from Louis Weaver, Eoin Goring, Owen Leivers, Giuseppe Landolfi and Alex Low.

Raiders were forced into calling an early time out but the pep talk didn’t have much impact as the visiting team pushed on with Brad Morgan and Kieron Scott getting points on the board.

The Coasters finished the quarter with a healthy 26-point lead.

Into the second quarter, and the mini-break seemed to help the Raiders' defence, slowing the onslaught from the Coasters.

James Cotson bagged his first points of the season from a well-executed Coasters' play.

Landolfi hit a lovely shot from down town and with blocks from Goring and Weaver the Coasters increased their lead going into half time.

Back on to the court and it was business as usual for the visitors taking the first points of the second half.

Two unusual defensive error from the Coasters saw the home team convert four from four free throws but this just pushed the Dorset team to try harder, keeping the Raiders from scoring for a whole five minutes.

During this time the Coasters bounded forward and baskets from Henry Ackerley helping to finish the quarter a massive 58 points in front.

Into the fourth and it was just a formality with Raiders falling a further eight points behind in the first four minutes of the quarter.

A late foul right at the end saw Weaver take the last points of the game and helped the Coasters finish 74 points ahead of the hosts.

Coasters: Weaver (28), Landolfi (25), Morgan (16), Goring (14), Leivers (11), Low (8), Ackerley (4), Scott (3), Cotson (2)