BUDMOUTH have been crowned the Weymouth & District Schools team champions for the fourth year running

For the first time, the competition did not include any established players who have played in the Weymouth & District League, so it was targeting beginners and those that attended after-school clubs.

There were three boys’ divisions this year and one girls, division as pupils from Budmouth, Wey Valley and Dorchester Middle School competed for the Ron Burke Memorial Trophy at Wey Valley School.

The boys’ event saw a surprise this year as the Wey Valley School B team of Jules Holloway and Pascal Mclean-Wood won the first division with 18 points, just ahead of Budmouth A with 17.

Dorchester Middle A and Budmouth B each scored 14 points.

Ben Howe put up a great fight for Budmouth B, going through the tournament unbeaten.

In the boys’ second division, Budmouth C and Dorchester Middle B finished level with 18 points each.

Therefore, the division was decided by the game between the two teams. The match result was also level at 4-4, but with Budmouth C scoring 73 points overall and DMS B 71, the Budmouth side were the winners by the smallest of margins.

Budmouth D were a further place back with 17 points.

The boys’ third division was won more comfortably by Budmouth E. They were unbeaten with 24 points followed by Dorchester Middle C and Wey Valley D with 14 points.

In the girls’ event, the Budmouth A team of Ella Stanton and Jasmine Abel both finished with 100 per cent records as they top scored with 24 points. The Dorchester Middle girls finished second.

The Ron Burke Memorial Trophy is awarded to the team with the best combined boys and girls results and Budmouth won the trophy for the fourth year running.

Weymouth League chairman and Budmouth coach, Neil Hardisty, was full of praise for his team, though admitted the standard of play is improving throughout the schools and the competition is now much stronger.

Tournament organiser Andy Millar congratulated all of the players for their efforts and sportsmanship throughout the tournament.

After-school clubs are due to re-start up in September at Budmouth, All Saints, Wey Valley and Dorchester Middle and players that attend will be considered for next year’s tournament.

* It is not too late to enter the individual schools tournaments that are being played next week.

The boys’ event is being played at All Saints today and the girls’ event at Budmouth on July 13.

Contact Andy Millar if any players want to make an entry (a.millar@gmail.com or 07710 507075)

* Simon Burke who sponsored the trophies and supports junior table tennis, presented the awards.