Name: Hannah Stodel

Date of birth: 27 August 1985

Star sign: Virgo

Place of birth: Colchester

Current hometown: Weymouth

Nickname: H or Pottamos

First boat sailed and where? Mirror, Brightlingsea

Who got you into Sailing? My parents

Favourite boat? Sonar of course!

Biggest influence in your career to date? My mum

My worst moment (sailing)? Losing in Beijing

My best moment (sailing)? Deciding to campaign again- 3rd time lucky!

Best sailing venue in the UK? Weymouth!

Best sailing venue in the World? San Francisco takes some beating!

Most annoying rule in the sailing rule book? They took away 17.2!!

If you weren't a professional sailor what else would you be? Bored out of mind!

How do you progress from a club sailor to an Olympic class sailor? Perseverance, determination and above all belief in yourself!

What are your greatest passions outside of sailing? Horse riding and reading generally. I do like to try climbing every now and then, although I'm pretty rubbish at it

Has injury ever prevented you from sailing? It shoud have done. I fractured my arm a few years ago, but legged it before they could plaster it up!

Most expensive sailing accident? Breaking a sonar rig!

Which football club you support & do you actively go and see them? None

Do you follow any other sports? Sailing mainly, I sometimes watch show jumping

Any heroes? Ellen Macarthur and Sir Robin Knox Johnston

What other sports do you play? Horse-riding

What would you love to do but never have the time or money for it? Loads of stuff because I spend all my money on sailing!

Worst habit? Cleaning obsession!

What word or phrase most depicts your personality? Friutloop!

If you were a pantomime character who would it be? Umpa loompa!

Do you have any lucky charms or rituals? Loads - four leaf clover, lucky coin etc!

Whats your greatest fear or phobia? Drowning

Favourite reality show? And would you go on it? Strictly come dancing?

Name 3 things that are always in your shopping trolley? Milk, dairylea and chocolate!!

What was the last book you read? Harry potter 3

What makes you angry? Untidy, disorganized people

Dream holiday? A nice quiet beach!