Name: Stephen Thomas

Date of birth: 05 January 1977

Star sign: Capricorn

Place of birth: Bridgend

Current hometown: Weymouth

Nickname: Steveo

First boat you sailed and where? The Sonar on the Tyne

What got you interested in Sailing? Wanting to represent GB at the Paralympics

Favourite boat? SB3

Biggest influence in your career to date? My teammates, Hannah and John and my coach Mark Rushall

Your worst moment in sailing? Not Medalling in Beijing 2008

Your best moment in sailing? Winning our first World Championships in 2005

Best sailing venue in the UK? Weymouth

Best sailing venue in the World? Swan River, Perth, Australia

Most annoying rule in the sailing rule book? Pumping Rule

If you weren’t a professional sailor what else would you be? A professional rugby player

How do you progress from a club sailor to an Olympic class sailor? Initially high volumes of training to develop your core skills, followed by good coaching and most important you have to enjoy it!

What are your greatest passions outside of sailing? Fitness/training and also my family

Has injury ever prevented you from sailing? Yes, in the last 2 years I have had neck surgery and leg surgery

Most expensive sailing accident? I managed to pierce a cruising boat with a 2.4m whilst trying to moor onto a pontoon

Do you follow any other sports? I enjoy watching all kinds of sport

Any heroes? My Mum and Dad also Steve Redgrave and Lance Armstrong

What other sports do you play? I hit the gym a regularly and mix it up with weights, cycling and circuits

What would you love to do but never have the time or money for it? Learn to fly

Worst habit? Untidiness

What word or phrase most depicts your personality? Stubborn

If you were a pantomime character – who would it be? The Dame

What’s your greatest fear or phobia? Not performing to my best

If you had a theme song – what would it be? One Shot (Lose Yourself) by Eminem

What better about football than sailing?

Nothing really, football seems pretty one dimensional. Sailing has so many variables to it and is much more challenging.

Where do you keep your medals? On a bookshelf in my bedroom