GEORGE Rolls has sensationally written off loans in the region of £75,000 in Weymouth FC and announced the club plans to go full-time next season.

The revelations came at last night’s general meeting at the Bob Lucas Stadium where the Cambridge-based businessman also told fans he will be returning to the role of club chairman as soon as all the relevant paperwork has been completed.

Rolls, whose wife Amanda owns the majority shareholding in the club, said: “After speaking to my wife we have agreed to write off the loans we put into the club both in 2009-10 and 2010-11, which total around £75,000.

“We believe if people can do good things for the club like Paul Cocks, Shaun Hennessy, Simon Ethering-ton and the Wessex Fantasy Foot-ball, who are currently helping donate a combined total of £2,000 a month towards the playing budget, then we feel it is only right we do the same.

“So, as of now, the club does not owe me any money except for the bit that I have put in this season due to cash-flow issues but that is negligible.

“Also, as we stand today, we are going to have a full-time football team as of next season.

“At present our budget due to expenses is more than if we were full-time anyway.

“We have done the figures and it is something first-team manager Brendon King wants to do. We also believe it will give us more of a chance of getting up the league.”

On the subject of returning to the role of chairman, Rolls added: “I will be taking on that responsibility again very shortly as soon as all the paperwork is completed and although my wife will be stepping aside she will remain on the board.

“After two-and-a-half years of hard work this place is really starting to feel like a second home now and having spoken to my wife just this morning we anticipate being here a long time.

“Since the Rolls family took over we have helped provide the stability that people wanted and the club really is in fantastic shape, which is also down to the many volunteers who all of a sudden are back here helping out again.

“People say there is no community spirit here but that is just rubbish and I think everyone is starting to believe again.

“I believe football clubs, like many things, go around in cycles and I really do believe we are on the first step to something big now.

“If things can carry on the way they are with the community getting behind the club and the crowds keep pouring in then I am confident it will not be long before Brendon gets the team back playing at Conference South level again.”

Several other announcements were also made at the meeting including:

* The club are in talks with the council about the possibility of renting out the stadium for use during the Olympics.

* Due to the Games’ sailing events being held in Weymouth and Portland, the Terras will not play any home fixtures during the first two weeks of next season. All pre-season friendlies may also be played away.

* The board are once again considering taking legal action against ex-chairman Malcolm Curtis regarding the sale of the land surrounding the stadium.

* The police investigation into the break-in at the ground on New Year’s Eve is still continuing.

* Anyone who wishes to purchase shares or join the board are urged to get in contact.

* The club has failed its floodlight certificate but have asked for dispensation until the end of the season when the problems will be fixed.

* A season-ticket initiative will be launched next season where fans will only have to pay £99 if a target of 1,000 sales is met.