What an event it was!

The Village Hall transformed into a pub complete with bar, musical entertainment and a quiz as well as having a play!

Yes, the Vllage Hall became the 'Cherry Tree' and its customers were treated to a play called 'Two' by Jim Cartwright.

This play is an observation of customers in a pub with the central characters , landlord and landlady, ( Steve Bramley and Bree Roche) bickering in the bar whilst being jolly to their customers and we were drawn into the varied lives of some of the pub's patrons.

These parts were played by Malcolm Smith, Scott Collins, Victoria Goscombe, Carol Matthews, Terry Putnam, Steve Morgan, Pam Beavis, Kevin Roche and Jan Wilson.

Nearly all of these actors have never trodden the boards before, no previous theatrical experience, but what a show they put on!

And the person who brought this all about is Sylvia Denning, a professional theatre director and producer who lives in the village.

She cajouled and persuaded these local villagers to take to the boards and for two nights a packed audience enjoyed the play as well as food drink music and a quiz.!

Sylvia deserves a huge thank you for guiding the players through the rehearsals with her new and inexperienced actors gradually becoming more confident and then putting on a magnificent performance when it mattered.

So thank you from the village, Sylvia, for creating this so memorable event which, as one of the cast said, brought our friendly community even closer together.