Rob Asprey, Rural Housing Development Officer, was the speaker at the Bradford Peverell Annual Parish Meeting held in the Village hall.

He gave an informative run down of the existing housing in the village and revealed that only 5% of properties were second homes.

The average price of a 3 bedroomed semi-detached in the village would appear to be about £350.000 and there are four houses rented through Magna Housing. He pointed out that as the village population ages so housing needs change and nowadays there is more emphasis on housing for the whole population rather than for first time buyers.

He was pleased that the village has a Parish Plan and it was clear from the surveys carried out for the Plan that villager's views on the subject of housing were extremely mixed.

Following Rob's talk Andrew Barker gave a report on the now completed Parish Plan.

Three groups have been set up to carry on the ideas put forward in the plan and they are Traffic, Amenities and Leisure and Future Development and he looked forward to the imminent visit of MP Oliver Letwin who has shown great interest in the plan.

The Chair of the Parish Council, Cllr David Ackerman, then gave his review of the year.

The major achievement had been the compiling of the Parish Plan and he thanked Andrew Barker for his pivotal role in chairing the project and his absolute commitment to its success.

He was disappointed however at the low turnout of villagers for its launch.

He reflected on the many groups which prosper and contribute to village life in contrast to the seeming lack of interest in Parish Council affairs.

He wondered if perhaps the village was too small to have one and amalgamation sprang to mind.

In spite of the theme from government on localisation the Council is often not consulted - like the new road signs which appeared and were incorrect and removed so he hopes that this top down approach will lessen.

This meeting was followed by the Annual Parish Meeting.

Cllr David Ackerman agreed to stay as Chair and Cllr Neil Howard was appointed Vice- Chair and all other councillors and representatives were willing to continue.

It was agreed to puchase two new noticeboards for the Parish, one at Muckleford and one at Frome View.

John Hawthorne and Cllr Neil Howard had met a representative from the Area of Outstanding Beauty regarding tree screening to soften the view of the new Poundbury from Bradford Peverell as there had been no sign of the promised trees to break up the skyline and John had some interesting photographs to show how trees could disguise the buildings on the skyline.

He will liaise with Simon Conibear from Pounbury on behalf of the Council.

Terry Putnam