A PORTLAND church has appointed two new community chaplains.

Easton Methodist Church has appointed Dave Farmer and Janet Guy to act as a visible sign of the church's mission and ministry.

In their roles, both will provide regular pastoral and practical support. This will primarily be provided to mid-week communities attached to the church.

They will also be available for any pastoral or chaplaincy duties, including on Sundays and at other specific church events.

The Revd Christopher Briggs, from the Portland Methodist Circuit, said: "Easton Methodist Church plays a central role within the community on Portland and we want to be as effective as possible at serving the community we are based in.

"I am really pleased that having undergone training and with their own individual gifts they will be available as a resource to the Church and community in all manner of ways.

"This will complement our existing community work and I hope their faces will soon be known around the many groups and individuals that use Easton Methodist Church and within the wider community."

Janet said her new role would help the church adapt to changing times.

She said: "I'll be a visible presence at coffee mornings and what is going on, mainly in Easton Methodist Church.

"It's important the church becomes relevant to the community and adapts with what's going on in the modern world. It's a way the church can do that."

Dave said he already spent a lot of the time at the church and felt compelled to take up the role.

He said: "A lot of stuff I do around the church is more to do with the community and what's going on in the week at the church.

"I just sensed there was a real need for people like myself from the church to be evidential by who we are and be there as faith people in the church."

Dave said both he and Janet would be there to act as people to talk to, particularly at events like coffee mornings.

He said: "Often people might come with friends but maybe you might get people who come in on their own. It's important we are aware of those people and make sure they've got someone to talk to."


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