It seems that some of our residents are somewhat perplexed by exactly where the Community Centre is.

Which is a bit of a shame as they run a whole heap of groups and activities. However, as it is not signposted as a Community Centre, and as the building has a big sign saying the Park Church Hall I imagine its not difficult to believe at all!

The building has been known by a few names in its life, St Johns Mission Hall , The Park Church Hall and now it is the Park Area Community Centre, which is run by the Waterside Weymouth Community Forum. They are always looking for new volunteers as well as new ideas for activities. The centre is staffed by volunteers every morning Monday to Thursday from 10 until Noon and on Fridays from 9.30 until 11.30, however if there is a group or activity on the centre is generally open and someone should be able to give you a bit of help, If you want to see what is going on have a look at the web site , there is also a weekly "Whats On" list which is available from the centre itself.

The Hall has been leased from St Johns Church for use as a Community Centre, ( the church do use the facilities from time to time but for the main it is open to the community to use in ways that suit the community best) The Hall can be hired out over weekends or indeed any time it is not in use. If you have a child’s birthday party coming up why not pop along and see what they can offer, there’s a bouncy castle that can also be included as well as use of the kitchen facilities and a decent size hall. The Centre is sited in Chelmsford Street, between Hardwick Street and Lennox Street, Its on the bend opposite The Carriages and next door to 29 Chelmsford Street.

The Community Centre also has a Facebook and a Twitter presence both of which can be accessed via the front page of their web site . Their email address is and they can be contacted by phone on 01305 839579