With a grant from UnLtd Malcolm Beeson has completed his walking maps of Littlemoor and they are now available free at the library, the community hall and some shops in the precinct.

Other copies will be sent to the Coastal Rangers to support their Legacy Trail between Portland and Littlemoor.

There will also be laminated copies put up in notice boards for reference.

The maps cover all of the Littlemoor area from the bridge at Upwey to Gould’s Garden Centre.

The handy, full colour and comprehensive A3 size foldable maps show all footpaths in and around Littlemoor and helpfully include gradients so these paths can be avoided if the slope would be a problem.

Also marked are barriers at the ends of paths intended to prevent cars from going through but might be a problem for people on mobility scooters or double width buggies.

Pick up your copy now and explore Littlemoor, there are some very pleasant walks to be found around here and these will definitely help you get the best out of our lovely area.

Some of you recently completed questionnaires compiled by the Big4 Littlemoor steering group. If you would like to see the analysis of the answers received there is a copy available to view at the library.

If you would prefer to have the results emailed, then please contact me at the email address below.

The next edition of the Big4 Littlemoor newsletter is due shortly.

In order to make sure everyone is kept up to date with news on the lottery grant every effort is made to ensure each household gets a copy.

But at present there is a shortage of volunteers to deliver the newsletter and more help is needed.

If you would like to help out by simply delivering to the street you live in then please get in contact with me.

If we get enough volunteers it should only take half an hour of your time to make the deliveries.

And on that subject the Big4 Littlemoor steering group would like to offer their heartfelt thanks to Muriel Jesse in appreciation of all the hard work she’s put in over the years. Jess, as she is better known, has organized the delivery of newsletters in the past and has given a lot of her time to our community with both the Big4 group and the Littlemoor Community Action Group.

She will continue to help run the Littlemoor creative writing group (Off The Cuff) and the Thursday ‘drop-in’ sessions.

Littlemoor resident Nathan Briggs and his 5 a side football team recently set off for Birmingham to take part in the National 5 a side finals.

Nathan’s team, oddly calling themselves ‘Cheers For Turning Up’ usually play at Redlands in the Leisure League and won the championship this year.

Other members of the squad are Patrick McKenner, Justin Heredege, Josh Burton, George West, Shane Lock, Daniel Pavey, Kieron Rawston and Sean Xima.

The finals were held over two days, the first round was played in groups and the team easily got through those, but they were defeated in the knockout rounds. Better luck next time lads!

If you are interested in playing 5 a side then please email me at the address below and I will pass your name onto Nathan.

The ‘Let’s Make It’ group is looking for people to help with their carnival float this year and for volunteers to carry the Littlemoor community banners on the day.

They also want knitted clothes for babies (to be presented in September to Dorset County Hospital-Special Baby Care), knitted poppies for Help The Heroes (500 made already!) and volunteers to help sell the poppies.

The ‘Let’s Make It’ group is open to all and offers a variety of creative activities. For further information please contact Julie Hursthouse, community development worker on 838497 or Jenny on 425462 (www.jenniferfrances.co.uk/olympic_art)