Attention all adventure seeking residents of Littlemoor between 16 and 21 years!

Do you dare to face the challenge of a lifetime?

Well this is your chance to show yourself and others what you can do.

Could you survive alone in the woods for a night?

Could you make a fire to cook your dinner on?

Could you put up a shelter and sleep under the stars?

Over three days you will be taught all the skills and knowledge needed to make it on your own in the wilderness.

The ‘Stand Up’ project is your chance to make your mark in life.

Designed as a programme of personal development for young people it uses positive engagement with the local environment as a way of developing personally.

Take on the challenge in your community over the course of two days.

Play your part in creating something special.

You will run a project that will make a difference to the local community.

Your ideas, your hard work and management will ensure its success.

At the end of a very challenging week where you’ll be tested to the very limits you will have to overcome one final challenge.

This is your chance to stand up and be counted!

Are you up for it?

There are two courses being run, the first one is from 16th Mar to 21st March and the second is 27th April to 4th May.

Applicants must be between 16 and 21, not in full time education, training or employment and can attend either of the dates given and will complete the course in full.

Apply now at or write for an application form to:- Stuart Skinner, 12 Belfield Park Ave, DT4 9RD.

An application has been made for a further 100 dwellings on the south side of Louviers Road opposite Primula Close.

Notification of this proposal has recently been put up on the lamp post in the area. Unless you make a point of walking that way you probably are not aware that the application is there.

Already people have emailed me expressing their concerns and asking to pass this news on to as many residents as possible.

This comes after approval of 176 homes on Destiny Fields just a little further down the road.

Any comments or objections to this application should be made before the end of this month so if you have any comments you would like to make please do so soon.

These can be made online at the Weymouth and Portland website or in writing to the town hall..