Over the next few days issue 4 of the Big4 newsletter will be coming through your letterboxes. Some residents who live at the western end of Littlemoor will have a questionnaire included.

If you don’t find this questionnaire with your newsletter you can pick up a copy at the shops, the library, the community centre, the children’s centre or the New Inn.

Do please take the time to fill these in; your answers will help the Big4 committee decide what the next steps should be to begin making improvements to our community.

Without your input the job of deciding what can be done to make all our lives happier and healthier will be impossible.

The Big4 committee needs to know your opinions so it can make a start to build a community that will be the envy of Weymouth!

Another great way to make your idea known is to log into and join in the discussion forums.

Littlemoor Live is our very own website where you can exchange points of view about life in Littlemoor, upload your favourite photos or videos for others to enjoy, sell any items you no longer want or look for stuff on offer from other members.

If you’re looking for trades people to do some work for you there is a very helpful section where other residents recommend workmen who have done a good job.

You can also leave your recommendations on there so we can build up a directory of trustworthy and competent tradesmen for all.

Just starting up is a great idea of job/time sharing, anyone interested in this can register on the website. The principles of this are explained on page two of the Big4 newsletter, so do take the time to read them. In short, instead of having to pay for work done, people can trade their time, i.e, an hours grass cutting in exchange for an hours ironing.

This is a great way to build community spirit, make new friends and save money too!

There’s a lot more to Littlemoor Live so next time your log on, sign in and see what’s going on.