The most delicious chicken you will ever eat - guaranteed!

- Four large skinless chicken breasts
- Large handful coriander seeds
- Eight large peeled cloves garlic
- Juice of eight lemons
- Salt (preferably sea) to taste

Method:,br> In a pestle and mortar crush the coriander seeds, peeled garlic cloves and salt into a paste.

In a bowl large enough to hold the chicken breasts, scrape the paste out of the pestle and mortar, pour over the lemon juice and mix together to form your marinade.

Wipe the chicken breasts with kitchen paper and make sure free from any bits of fat, skin or bone.

Score well with a sharp knife and place into the marinade in the bowl, making sure the chicken is well-covered by the marinade.

Leave for as long as you can in the 'fridge, preferably overnight, but at least for a few hours - the lemon juice will start to "cook" the chicken.

When finished marinading, then fry in a medium-hot pan, hot enough to make it nice and crispy on the outside, but not so hot it doesn't cook well-through on the inside!

Serve hot with steamed crispy vegetables.

This is also delicious cold with a salad as a great picnic treat.