Nothing says Christmas like a flaming Christmas pudding, so we tested five of the best mini puds. But which were worth pudding on the festive table and which did we get steamed up about?

Tesco Christmas pudding 87p

A lovely moist little cracker of a pudding, soaked in cider and sherry. Delicious, but the fruit is not as big and plump as in the Co-op and Waitrose puds.

For a quick festive fix this is worth a go. 3/5

Waitrose Christmas pudding £1.49

Another tiddler. But don’t be fooled by appearances as this packs a seriously fruity punch.

Another moist pudding oozing with brandy, cherries, currants and nuts. Perfect before a night out carolling. 4/5

Rowan Hill Christmas pudding from Lidl £1.29

Very moist and loaded with big old chunky pieces of fruit and nut – though could do with an extra kick of booze for my palate. Also, perhaps a bit too sweet. It's OK, but not the best. 2/5

Co-op Christmas pudding £1.99

As sizes go this is the Geoff Capes of Christmas puddings. Unfortunately, the extra-large size doesn’t extend to taste as this suffered from dried-up fruit and no trace of booze. It also stuck to my spoon like Polyfilla. 1/5

Duchy Organic Christmas pudding from Waitrose, £2.75

This doesn't taste too bad but does not contain as much fruit as the others.

For a Christmas pudding by royal appointment I was left feeling disappointed, dare I say even short-changed. 2/5