SENSATIONAL, scintillating, stylish and synchronised, Diversity wowed a sell-out crowd at the BIC on Thursday night.

The captivated audience were given an Easter treat as the top street dance troupe pulled out all the stops to provide a show to remember.

The group, which has come a long way since winning Britain’s Got Talent in 2009, was given a deserved standing ovation.

And for me completed a remarkable turn-around in a night of surprises.

For the evening started off on a disappointing note. Apparently, the matinee performance experienced technical difficulties and that meant the night-time show started around 40 minutes later than scheduled.

It then took a while to get going as the story of how Diversity got digitized by being sucked into a computer game – think Tron – began on a ponderous note.

Too much scene setting and not enough action culminated in a ‘Sky News bulletin’ detailing the boys’ disappearance.

But the night pepped up when a young lad ‘joined the game’ and suddenly the dancing, the stunning special effects, lighting and story-telling all made sense.

A dash of humour, more guest dancers, musicians, and public interaction and the crowd was on its feet.

Highlights included an excellent Motown medley, Michael Jackson tribute and the colour-changing Tron-style suits.

And while attention does focus on group leader and choreographer Ashley Banjo and sprightly-heeled Perri, all those taking part didn’t put a step, back flip or somersault out of place the whole night. Precision and excellence were the keys throughout.

An innovative, ambitious project that deserves all the accolades it will surely get.