CABARET with a kick is coming to Bridport tomorrow in the form of an all-female and somewhat saucy trio of stars.

Award-winning performers Fascinating Aida – dubbed ‘Absolutely Fabulous meets Noel Coward, as sung by the Andrew Sisters’ – are bringing their latest show The Cheap Flights Tour to the Electric Palace.

“It will be a family show for a very special kind of family,” said Dillie Keane, who formed Fascinating Aida 29 years ago.

“It is quite rude but people do bring their children along which is lovely when they do because they see and hear much worse things at school.

“The show is very funny and very rude. It’s a collection of songs and we start off with a satirical one about people with money in off-shore accounts.

“We give them a name that I couldn’t possibly mention in a family newspaper.”

The Cheap Flights Tour is currently making its way round the UK to great acclaim and the Aidas like to make it personal by bringing geographically topical songs to the shows as they go.

“We have a certain section of the show where we sing short songs which we change.

“It could be difficult but it’s not as hard as it might be,” explained Dillie.

“When we were in Scotland we made up a song about devolution because it was so topical. It is good to keep the show up to date – and you say you’ve got the Olympics coming to Dorset? Thanks for the heads-up on that one.”

Fascinating Aida is at the Electric Palace, Bridport tomorrow at 7.30pm.

Tickets are £17.50 from the box office on 01308 424901.