MORE than 600 entries from all over the country were received for the annual Isle of Portland Heritage Trust Photograph-ic Competition and Exhibition.

The judges of the contest, at the St George’s Centre over the weekend, were Carol and Norman Wiles from Wimborne.

Mrs Wiles said: “This is an extremely interesting and well supported exhibition and we’ve had a hard time choosing the winners”.

Mr Wiles added: “The standard is extremely high, so well done to all who entered and congratulations to those who gained awards.”

Co-organisers of the event Anne Trim and Penny Piddock both said all the hard work in staging the competition was well worth the effort and they thanked all who had participated and helped in any way.

The trophy, in memory of the late Peter Trim who started this popular event many years ago, was won for the second consecutive year by Sue Buckland, whose image of Portland stone and a rusty chain with ivy growing through it, was judged as best depicting the Spirit of Portland by Anne Sanders, who said that it was a very artistic image that showed strength and beauty, both qualities of Port-land.

Best in Show was The Fly, by Chris Atkins of Portland, and the Profolab Trophy for most points in the show went to Janet Haines of Bridport.


Portland: 1, Ernie Minns, St George’s Church, 2, Tony Gill, Pulpit Rock at Dusk, 3, Penny Piddock, Before Tesco, Highly commended, (HC), Anaich Ankers & Richard Vale.

Natural History: 1, Chris Atkins, The Fly, 2 Tim Downton, Sika Deer, 3 Tim Downton, Otter, HC, Janet Comley & John Chapman.

Humour: 1, Jim Robertson, It’s A Dog’s Life ,2, Janet Haines, This One’s Dead Too, 3, Tim Downton, Will it Go with a Bang?, HC Sue Buckland and Brad Matthews.

Life: 1, Penny Piddock, I Remember When, 2, Steve Jones, Mi Nina, 3, Sue Buckland, Samburu Home, HC, Steve Jones and Trevor Sheppard.

Creative: 1, Mick Rose, Bet E. T. Couldn’t Do This, 2, Janet Haines, The Dance,3, Janet Comley, Head in the Clouds, HC, Mick Rose & Geoff Orton.

Transport: 1, Janet Haines, One Careful Owner, 2, Chris Atkins, Condor, 3, Chris Hornby, Chocolate Bar, HC Geoff Orton & Gerald Comley.

Sea/Landscape: 1, Richard Anders, The Beach, 2 Richard Vale, Trees in the Mist, 3, Sid Jones, Greiranger Falls, HC, Tony Gill and Penny Piddock.

General: 1, Brad Matthews, Number 97, 2, Helen Jones,The Visitor Troyes, 3, Dee Wareham, Alone, HC, Sue Buckland & Richard Anders.

Novice: 1, Thomas Jones, Common Frogs, 2, J Harris,On Reflection, 3, Sarah Harpley, Mr Grumps, HC, Shirley Butler and Sarah Harpley.

16 and Under: 1, David Wareham, Dusk at Olympic Park, 2, Joseph Wareham, Big Ben, 3, Joseph Wareham, Signpost,Big Ben and London Eye, HC, Jack Pendeberry and Joseph Wareham.