WALKERS were sickened to discover the carcasses of a baby deer and its mother killed in a popular meadow in Weymouth.

The fawn could have been no more than two weeks old, those who came across the gruesome scene said. The remains were found at the top of Dorset Wildlife Trust land at Lorton Meadows, near Littlemoor.

It is believed poachers were responsible for the attack.

Terry Butcher, who made the grisly discovery, said: “It’s happening a lot.

“Nobody seems to know who it is, the carcases just appear.

“It made me feel sick when I saw it. And it was in such a position that anybody could walk up there and see it in full view. The baby couldn’t have been more than two weeks old.

“It’s a real shame because a lot of people go over there and love to see the animals running around.”

The animals had been hacked to pieces and remains left at the scene.

Dog owner Sue Bascombe also came across the scene. She was waiting for police, as her car had been vandalised, when her dog found them in the grass.

She said: “It was disgusting.

“It made me feel so sick. I can’t believe someone could do that.

“The baby’s head can’t have been bigger than my fist.

“It was nothing but a couple of weeks old. They’re so beautiful when you see them up there running about.”

A Dorset Police spokesman said they had asked Dorset County Council to remove the remains.

Sue added: “The police need to get some patrols out there.

“This is not just happening once in a blue moon, this is happening all the time.

“And I can’t believe people are buying the meat. If these poachers didn’t have any custom, they wouldn’t be doing it.”

Witnesses also described seeing bin bags containing entrails left near to the scene.

It is illegal to poach on the land.

It is also illegal not to dispose of animal waste properly.

Ward councillor for Littlemoor Mark Tewkesbury said: “We’re not pleased that this is happening and we will be working with Dorset Wildlife Trust and other organisations to see what we can do to stop it.”

If you spot poached animals at Lorton Meadows, please call the Conservation Centre on 01305 816546 and Dorset Police on 101.

If you catch poachers in the act on the land, call Dorset Police using the emergency number.

Conservation Officers ‘Saddened’ By Horror Find

UNDER the Deer Act, it is an offence to poach game without a licence.

It is also an offence to dispose of Category Two waste – such as the deer remains – on land with open access as it is a hazard to the public.

The Animal By-Products (Enforcement) (England) Regulations 2011 states that animal waste not intended for human consumption must be disposed of properly.

Sam Dallimore, Dorset Wildlife Trust community conservation officer, said: “Dorset Wildlife Trust staff were saddened to learn that deer carcasses had been dumped on our popular nature reserve at Lorton Meadows, for members of the public to find.

“The reserve is a haven for wildlife, particularly with ongoing building development in the surrounding area.

“The site is also a fantastic natural area for many local people, who enjoy walking around the reserve and watching or interacting with the wildlife on their doorsteps.

“The Wildlife Trust has not granted any licences to control deer at Lorton Meadows, as we believe the Roe Deer population on the reserve to be fairly small, and due to surrounding urban areas there are few wildlife corridors for new deer to come into the reserve.”