A JURY is continuing its deliberations today at the trial of a drifter accused of murdering a vicar and a retired teacher.

Stephen Farrow, 48, who was a regular visitor to Bridport, admits the manslaughter of the Rev John Suddards but denies murdering the clergyman between February 12 and 15 this year on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

He also denies the murder of Betty Yates between January 1 and 5 this year. Both victims were found stabbed in their homes.

Farrow was seen on CCTV visiting a convenience store in Weymouth after the Rev Suddards’s death at his vicarage in south Gloucestershire.

The Rev Suddards was the brother of Hilary Bosworth, who lives in Bridport.

The jury retired at Bristol Crown Court yesterday morning but failed to deliver a verdict by the end of the day.