NEW police chief Les Fry has vowed to crackdown on anti-social behaviour as he takes over in Weymouth and Portland.

He has also pledged to put victims of crime first as he sets his top priorities for the borough.

Inspector Fry, who has recently moved from the Dorchester station, said he is looking forward to the challenge.

He said the police will look to put new structures in place to support the victims of crime.

Insp Fry said: “We will be particularly focusing on antisocial behaviour in order to improve people’s quality of life.”

He added that although some of the issues facing community teams would not be resolved overnight, as procedures including court orders and ASBOs took time, they would keep the public informed of progress.

Insp Fry said the people of Weymouth and Portland had the force’s commitment that the issues would be resolved no matter how long it took.

He added: “If people are intent on committing anti-social behaviour they can expect a visit from us or our partners.”

Inspector Fry called for the community’s support in giving information to officers.

He said: “I would encourage people to report what they know. They may have the last piece of the jigsaw that lets us know what’s going on.

“It may be insignificant to them but crucial to us.”

He added: “We do need the support of the community and people out there. We need their patience. People can report crime on 101 to a local PCSO or beat manager or through Crimestoppers.”

Insp Fry pledged that victims of antisocial behaviour crime could expect a supportive visit from the police.

He said: “It’s a victim first focus.”

Those committing theft or involved in the supply of drugs in the borough would also be targeted.

Inspector Fry said: “If people want to commit crime they should be prepared to suffer the consequences.”

He added: “We will be proactive in our work tackling drugs.”

Inspector Fry said the service would be supportive in working with the health agencies for those that use drugs to break the cycle.

Insp Fry said that good partnership working with other services including the health service, ambulance and fire services and social housing was very important.

He added: “By working together we can make a real difference.”


THE trend is for antisocial behaviour to go down in Weymouth and Portland.

In 2011 there were 4,921 incidents of antisocial behaviour in the borough between January 1 and October 31.

In 2012, for the same period, there were 3,877 incidents.