A SPORTS enthusiast who carried the Olympic flame this summer is lending his golden torch to the London 2012 sailing venue to enable the community to enjoy it.

Retired Peter Fry, who ran with the relay along Weymouth’s Lanehouse Rocks Road in July, answered an appeal by the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy in the Dorset Echo for a torch to showcase.

Mr Fry, of Littlemoor, was nominated to be an inspirational torchbearer by Came Down Golf Club, where he is club historian and a volunteer with the junior members.

During the Olympic and Paralympic sailing events, he was a Games Maker volunteer and said he was happy to lend his Olympic torch to venue that hosted the historic event.

Mr Fry said: “I’ve given it to the academy on a long-term loan basis.

“In my own house only a few people would see it.

“The only two things I’ve asked the academy is to ensure their insurance covers it and that I will be able to take it out occasionally if I’m going to a dinner or something and people want to see it.”

The ‘sports mad’ book author added: “I was a Games Maker and a torchbearer and I was lucky enough to be chosen by the Echo to have one of four spots in the Olympic Park Run.

“I’ve worn a few more hats than most, which I’m very proud of.”