COASTGUARDS are urging walkers and residents to take care after several landslips along the Dorset coastline.
Heavy downpours have led to unstable cliff faces collapsing at Redcliff near Weymouth,  Stair Hole near Lulworth Cove and at Swanage.
Rescue teams are monitoring the county’s coastline with much concern for Lyme Regis and the west side of Portland.
A spokesman for Portland Coastguard said: “Walkers and residents need to really be very, very careful.
“Areas we are worried about include Lyme Regis and the coast on the west side of Portland.
“We are monitoring the whole of the Dorset coastline. Landslides have occurred at Redcliff, near Lulworth and Swanage Bay."
He added that Dorset County Council had taped off certain areas but some walkers were still entering dangerous areas.