A FACEBOOK fundraising page has been set up calling for justice for a motorcyclist who died in a fatal crash in Dorset.

Father-of-two David Bartholomew suffered fatal injuries in the collision with a Peugeot 206, being driven by a Dorset Police special constable, on the A31 Ferndown bypass on March 20 last year.

An inquest heard that Collette Carpenter, pictured below, was talking on her mobile phone, which was positioned on her lap, when the collision happened.

Accident investigator PC John Hayward told the hearing: “The use of her mobile phone can only have been a distraction and has very likely contributed to her not seeing the motorcyclist.”

Details of the case were submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service by Dorset Police but Miss Carpenter was not prosecuted because the CPS said there was ‘insufficient evidence’.

Miss Carpenter has since resigned from the force.

Now the ‘Justice for David Bartholomew’ page has been created to allow people to voice their opinions on the issue and collect funds for a possible private prosecution. To date more than 2,100 people have shown their support for the page.

It was set up by biker Gary Medland, who lives in Bicester, and wanted to help the family.

“On the first day we got 1,200 likes which I was totally taken aback by.

“Since setting up the page I have had a number of enquiries about how people can donate money to the family if they wish to go down the private prosecution route and we are in the process of trying to get that sorted.

“Any money we have left over will go to the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance which David was very keen about.”

Mr Medland said he is also in the process of setting up an e-petition calling for action from the Government.

He said he and David’s family are keen to emphasise their support for Dorset Police.

“Our frustration is with the CPS who won’t prosecute unless they have a 100 per cent chance of winning – even if prosecuting is the right thing to do.”

David’s son James said the family have been ‘overwhelmed’ with the response from the public.

He said: “The outcome of this case raises a lot of questions about that area of the law which many feel is very grey.

“We are exploring the issue of a civil prosecution and have received offers of help and support from barristers and solicitors.”