MEMBERS of the West and South Dorset Green Party supported a national protest at Weymouth train station.

It came as part of the ‘Action For Rail’ campaign for a national, integrated railway service under public ownership.

Eight members led the protest early yesterday, handing out postcards to travellers for them to send to their MPs.

It was held to mark the 20th anniversary of the Railways Act, which protestors said paved the way for privatisation of the UK’s rail network.

Anne Clements, of the West and South Dorset Green Party, said: “Rail privatisation has been a failure. “It has failed on all its promises – fares have rocketed, public subsidy has more than doubled and there has been little new private investment.”

The call for the nationalisation of the railway is supported by many organisations and individuals, who showed their support at yesterday’s protest across the country at more than 35 stations.

Ms Clements added: “If this change were to happen more people would use the railways instead of air and car travel. “A sensible transport infrastructure is crucial in reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change.”

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas has launched a Private Member’s Bill in Parliament to bring the railways back into public ownership step by step.

Ms Clements said: “The irony is that at present some of the profits being made by the train operators are ending up with state-owned companies of other countries such as Germany’s Deutsche Bahn which owns Arriva.”