A ROCK on Portland has crumbled after severe weather battered Dorset.

The rock, which used to be in a stack formation, is on the southern edge of Portland.

Portland historian Stuart Morris added: “Other local residents say they are surprised to see that Pom Pom rock has been destroyed by the weather.

“By incredible coincidence I took a photo of this stack rock just last week. I am not surprised to see it fall as a huge chunk was broken off a few years ago and the rock was looking a bit top heavy.

“However I am amazed that the whole feature, including its base, has been broken by the immense force of the storm waves.

“It weighed hundreds of tonnes and I took a video of people climbing it last year.

“It just goes to show the power of the sea and the recent severe weather in Dorset.

"The good news is that Pulpit Rock is still standing."