THE Freemasons have given Beaminster its own defibrillator as part of their Freemasonry in the community campaign.

The emergency equipment is on the Masonic Hall in Bridport Road, the home of Beaminster Manor Lodge.

There are also defibrillators in all the Masonic Halls in Dorset and the scheme to provide them is part of their commemoration of Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Finance for the equipment has come from Dorset Masonic Care, in conjunction with the Arrhythmia Alliance organisation.

The defibrillator is contained in a green cabinet, highlighted by a green light above, and is accessible for 24 hours a day by anyone who requires use of it, but it can only be activated by an emergency call (999) to the Southwestern Ambulance service, which will issue the necessary codes to open the cabinet and instructions on use of the defibrillator.

The equipment is registered with the Southwestern Ambulance NHS Foundation Trust, maintained and checked regularly by the guardian Douglas Beazer to ensure that it is immediately ready for use at any time when required.

Beaminster Town Council chairman Coun Gilbert Berry said: “The Dorset Group of Masonic Lodges is to be congratulated on providing such an important and potential life saving facility throughout the county. It must be said that this facility is in support of the primary medical agencies and, as such, the importance of a comprehensive local publicity plan, stressing the availability and location of this equipment, cannot be underestimated.”