ICE is believed to have been responsible for 26 collisions on Dorset roads this morning.

The crashes all took place between 6.15am and 9.15am.

Dorset Police have issued a reminder to motorists to take extra care on the roads in icy conditions.

During the same time period last Tuesday there were just three collisions reported.

Inspector Matt Butler, of the Dorset Police Traffic Unit, said: “A number of people were caught out by ice on the roads of Dorset this morning. Fortunately no-one was hurt.

"The local authority road teams work hard to grit as many roads as possible.

"But motorists should anticipate icy roads when temperatures are around freezing and modify their driving conditions."

Tips for drivers are as follows: *Avoid sudden actions - these could cause loss of control.

*Drive at a slow speed in as high a gear as possible

*Accelerate and brake gently

*Drive particularly slow around bends

*If steering is unresponsive it could mean that your car is losing grip - remember when travelling on ice cars make virtually no noise