HUNDREDS of people helped to clear tonnes of rubbish washed up on Chesil Beach following recent storms.

The recent bad weather left behind piles of waste along the iconic landmark including plastic and dead animal carcasses.

Portland resident Storm Wallace started up the idea of the beach clean on Facebook with her mum and a few friends.

She told of her shock when hundreds of people turned up to help with the clean-up covering as far as Castletown and Church Ope Cove.

She said: “It was disgusting the amount of rubbish that was piled on Chesil Beach following the storm.

“I wanted to move it but never expected anything like this to happen.”

Volunteers, which included residents, families and local sports teams, were provided with litter pickers, bin bags and refreshments.

Father and daughter duo Peter and Melanie Needham, of Frampton, started litter picking at 9am.

Peter said: “We read about the event in the Echo and wanted to help.

“It is a really important part of Dorset and vital for tourism to the area, it needs to be kept clean.

“It's great to see the community pulling together.”

Mum and daughter Mary and Verity Bull said they were determined to see Chesil Beach free of rubbish.

Verity, of Portland, said: “We just want the beach to be a clean place.

“Portland is a great place to live and things like this are important for the community and the environment.”

Authorities and local businesses began the clean-up earlier last week using industrial equipment to move some of the bigger waste including the dead animal carcasses.

Bull dozers have also been working on the beach to restructure the pebbles and check and repair the flood defences.

Ms Wallace thanked all the businesses who sponsored skips, equipment and refreshments and made the clean-up possible.