STUDENTS were put through their paces at Kingston Maurward College in preparation for a career in the army.

The college near Dorchester runs a 14-week army preparation course for those looking to progress into a career in the army.

The course is five days a week and covers a broad range of fitness and classroom based learning including outdoor adventure, kayaking, climbing, mountain biking and team-building.

Seventeen-year-old Kieran Miller, from Weymouth, said: “I’ve always had an army influence in my life, and I’ve always wanted an army career.

“The course focuses on fitness, army regiments and their history. Once a week we train with the Army Reserves which is very physical.

“It’s valuable training because it teaches the army disciplines – what you need in there and what’s expected of you.”

Course tutors are on hand to help with advice on applications too.

Kieran added: “The course has made me decide that I definitely want to join the army – I’m currently waiting for selection which should be in two months time.

“They expect you to be incredibly fit at selection, and now I’ve reached top fitness due to the course.

“It’s taught me about team spirit. You don’t want to fail yourself or your team, or let anyone down – you always want to succeed.”