HOSPITAL radio presenters are walking on air after being nominated for a prestigious award.

The dedicated volunteers at Dorset County Hospital’s Ridgeway Radio are in the running to be named ‘Best Prog-ramme with Multiple Presenters’.

The nomination relates to Kingfisher Club – a Monday night show presented by young people.

One of them – 15-year-old Dom Cornfield – is also up for the Best Newcomer award in the National Hospital Radio Awards.

Organiser Amanda Yates said: “There are a total of 19 young presenters at Ridgeway Radio, presenting both the Kingfisher Club and other shows.

“Monday night’s show can have anything up to nine presenters broadcasting to the hospital, the youngest presenter being just 11 years old.

“As a team we’re all excited about reaching the ‘finals’ – being in the top 10 in the country is great news.”

Some of the young people got involved with Ridgeway Radio with hopes of a future career in broadcasting, whilst for others it was through friends or family or just wanting to volunteer.

Amanda added: “Anyone can get involved with hospital radio – all we ask for is commitment.

“Whether it’s just an hour or so, weekly or fortnightly.

“Maybe presenting isn’t what some want. We also welcome request collectors who visit wards to talk to patients who may not see or speak to anyone else apart from the lovely nurses.

“And we also bring the outside into the hospital by the way of outside broadcasts.”

The results will be announced on March 29, 2014.

RIDGEWAY Radio is the successor to several other hospital stations which all began in 1966 as the Dorchester Hospital Broadcasting Society.

It was formerly called West Dorset Hospital Radio, but had a name change to reflect the joining of Weymouth and Dorchester hospital services.

It is the amalgamation of four radio stations – Weymouth’s Radio Shambles, a station at the old Dorset County Hospital site, a local service at Herrison Hospital for psychiatric patients and West Dorset Hospital radio. 

Some of the volunteers have been involved for 45 years.

The radio’s aim is to provide a link to the outside world to patients and takes record requests from families and friends.