HOLIDAYMAKERS have given a Weymouth guest house its second award in a row thanks to a high number of positive online reviews.

The Cunard Guest House, in Lennox Street, came first in the category for best coastal accommodation in’s Simply The Guest Awards.

In last year’s competition, the hotel came first in the category for top beach hotels.

The hotel is family-owned and run by husband and wife Sam and Kelly Harris.

Mrs Harris said they were both “very surprised” to have won another award.

“It’s just a really nice feeling to be recognised. Two years in a row is quite amazing really.

“It’s not something that we can affect. It’s just from people staying here and enjoying their stay.”

The guest house’s immaculate facilities and close proximity to the seafront saw it rise to the top of the list this year, which is based on’s database of customer reviews. is one of the UK’s leading online accommodation websites.

Mrs. Harris said: “It’s just really nice for the guests to give the reviews and for the award not to be picked by the council.”

The good news came out of the blue for the couple who only found out after receiving a trophy in the post.

Mrs Harris said: “The Royal Mail brought the parcel and I went, ‘Ooh, what’s that? It’s a bit heavy’ and he went, ‘I think it might be leaflets’.

“He opened it and went, ‘I can’t believe we’ve won it again!”

Despite being one award away from a hat-trick, the couple insist they are solely focused on the day-to-day running of the guest house and looking after their three sons.

Mr Harris said: “People just feel comfortable.

“They come and a lot of people say it feels like a home from home.

“If you see me in the summer, I’ll wear my shorts and flip-flops and serve breakfast.”

Mrs Harris said the couple had learned from their own experiences of going on holidays with their children.

“When we go away with children, we know how we want things to do, and we try and look at the rooms like that, and look at the experience like that.

“We don’t think that we’re anything different to anybody else but I think guests must enjoy being here.

“Every year we’ve worked hard to update and we’ll just continue to do so each year.”