SHOTGUN cartridges and syringes have been scooped off Chesil beach.

More than 80 volunteers put on their gloves and dug in for the third clean up since storms began battering the coast.

The most common items cleared away were plastic, bottles, bottle tops and fishing rods.

But parts of boats, tyres, shoes and dead guillemots were also found.

Fishing rods and other fishing equipment are of particular concern to Dorset Wildlife Trust because of the danger of birds getting caught up in them.

Communications officer Sally Welbourn said: “So far we’ve found lots of fishing gear, which is particularly worrying because that’s the kind of thing birds can become tangled up in.

“We’ve also had a few flip flops and shoe insoles, dummies and plastic.”

During the last beach clean, a dead cow and a dolphin were spotted by volunteers.

Although nothing of that size was found during Saturday’s beach clean, Sally said volunteers were doing a very important job.

She added: “We’re really happy. The work that’s already been done by the volunteers on Portland has helped.

“People are aware of the situation and they want to help.”

It is expected that more items will have washed ashore during the heavy rain and strong winds yesterday.

Sally added: “We have litter problems with this beach all year round and that’s why we have regular beach cleans.

“It’s just a case of us being a bit more vigilant and calling on help, which people have been happy to give.”

  • Learning support worker Vivien Castle and her 30-year-old client, Sally, had already filled one and a half refuse bags within the first hour of joining in the beach clean.

Vivien said: “It’s the first beach clean I’ve taken part in and it’s amazing what you find on the beach.

“I’ve spent a lot of time on Chesil beach, it’s beautiful and it’s important to keep it that way.”