THE Dorset Waste Partnership has issued an apology after mixing food waste with other rubbish.

The issue affected households in the Sherborne area as the usual food waste collection vehicle suffered a breakdown and required specialist repairs.

A shortage of other vehicles meant both food waste and rubbish were put into a standard vehicle as a temporary measure.

Director of the Dorset Waste Partnership Steve Burdis said: “We sincerely apologise to residents for mixing their food waste with their rubbish in recent weeks and for not informing them that this was happening and why. “I am sorry for any confusion and upset this caused.

“This was intended as a temporary measure due to a vehicle shortage over the Christmas period. “However, because of delays ordering specialist parts it has taken longer than expected to return to normal.

“I would like to assure residents that any food waste collected over this period was not sent to landfill but to a mechanical treatment plant where it is processed to produce compost.

“We very much appreciate residents’ efforts to recycle their food waste so it can be used to generate renewable energy in Dorset.”