A WEYMOUTH photographer is hosting an exhibition at the Red Bull Studios in London.

It is open for the public until February 2 and involves images of fashion merged within the scenic landscapes of Dorset.

James Stopforth, 26, said: “I grew up in Dorset and frequently return to get inspired and create pictures.

“The exhibition demonstrates the awakening of the creatures that could live amongst the hills, through the woods and at the back of caves.”

The works take influence from mysteries and unsolved stories involving a Portland Stone Troll and a woodland maiden emerging from an autumn camouflage.

He added: “It is an idea, which has developed naturally from sketching ideas to building the props. Discovering locations and later adapting them to set the scene. Taking the picture brings it all to life, like the original idea for others to see.”

For more information visit jamesstopforth.com or call 07731 812806.