This week we have seen a slight increase in attempts to break into parked cars.

Some have simply caused damage in an attempt to gain entry, whilst a few vehicles had property removed such as their car stereo.

Modern cars are increasingly hard to steal from and difficult to break into with central locking, toughened glass and immobilisers fitted as standard. Please make it even less attractive by not leaving valuables on display.

Nationally, offences of theft from vehicles are reducing and it will continue to do so as long as we don’t leave valuable items out on clear display.

Theft of diesel continues to be problem. Commercial vehicles are being targeted and I recognise that this is a difficult problem for owners of retail yards and commercial vehicles.

Locking fuel caps are a good start but securing the yard itself and installing good lighting and CCTV is a good solution to prevent continuing theft.

Some companies now ensure that as far as possible vehicles have their tanks run right down before the weekend when these offences take place. We will be continuing late night patrols of commercial premises and also offer bespoke crime prevention advice through our force crime prevention advisors should businesses wish to receive further help. My teams carried out a drugs warrant during the week within the town itself.

This was as a direct result of community intelligence and resulted in the recovery of class A drugs which were being prepared for distribution.

One local male was arrested and is currently on bail. We will continue to target those people intent on spreading the misery associated with drugs misuse and make sure that they are arrested and brought before the courts.

Anyone with any information should let us know either directly or through crime stoppers on 0800 555 111.