COASTGUARDS investigated a report of a suspicious object in the surf line.

Following reports of a suspicious looking object in the surf at Chesil Beach, Portland Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre, coastguard rescue officers from Portland were sent to investigate.

Although the object looks almost bullet-shaped and is seen protruding from the pebbles. Portland Coastguards have confirmed that it is definitely a sewer pipe and not a piece of ordnance.

A spokesman for Portland coastguard said: “If there was any doubt about it they would have been down there and we would have got the ordnance squad to go and investigate it further.

“If it had been a piece of ordnance further investigations would have been carried out definitely.”

He added: “The reason the sewer pipe is visible is because the beach has been dragged away from around it, so it wouldn’t normally be seen.”

The coastline had changed dramatically recently with the storms and rough seas, the spokesman added.