HERE are four more First World War photographs from the archives at the Keep Military Museum in Dorchester.

If you can name any of the men photographed, or have more details about the Dorset Regiment and the Queens own Dorset Yeomanry we, and The Keep, would love to hear from you.

Keep curator Captain Colin Parr MBE said: “If you find a story or part of a story or there is something you want to find out or someone you want to know more about, then do, please, get in touch with me.

“I am trying to get people interested by publishing photographs that people might see and think ‘there’s a family resemblance to that man’. If your grandfather or great-grandfather fought, or your grandmother was a nurse in the Great War and you want to find out more or share the information you have, then please get in touch.”

In one we see the men standing in their trench, maybe waiting for the order to go ‘over the top’. Another group of soldiers are seen having a breather in a French field after the Retreat from Mons.

The photograph of massed soldiers was taken in front of Sherborne Abbey before heading off to the front and the chaps on camels are members of the Dorset Yeomanry who were chosen to form the Imperial Camel Corps in Egypt.

They are wonderful photographs and in the centenary year of the start of the First World War, we would like to know more about all these men. Please help if you can.