THE ARTIST behind a Dorchester graffiti project that fired up a storm has responded by adapting his work.

Dorchester Town Councillors called for a design created under the Damers Road railway bridge in the county town to be changed as it depicted a large gun.

The design was created by local artist Peter Sheridan as he led a youth project in the county town and was drawing on a ‘Great Western’ theme of the overhead railway.

It sparked a reaction from councillors who claimed it was not an ‘appropriate’ design but members of the public leapt to the defence of the artist, with more than 2,500 people supporting a petition on Facebook calling for the graffiti gun to stay.

Mr Sheridan has now attempted to reach a compromise by doctoring the design so the gun is now a baby blue colour and has bubbles coming out the end.

West Dorset District Council chairman Gillian Summers, who initiated the good graffiti project, said: “The gun has been altered and that was entirely at the artist’s discretion.

“It’s nothing to do with any of the councils, he just chose to change it.

“He hasn’t got rid of the gun, he has just changed the message.”