IN THIS day and age it is normal to see teenagers constantly putting down their appearance and comparing themselves to others, writes Bethany Soden, aged 16.

As made obvious by what you see on various social networking sites, insecurity is becoming an increasing problem.

People’s flaws are the only aspects anyone seems to take notice of.

This to me is disturbing.

Who can blame us for noticing our flaws rather than our strengths when we, as a generation, are exposed to images and videos of the super skinny models and the size 6 celebrities?

The pressure the media creates on young girls to be ‘perfect’ is inappropriate and frankly just not realistic.

My question is, what makes someone ‘perfect’?

Perfection should be loving yourself for who you are as a person and accepting your flaws.

Who is to judge that being size 6 is ‘prettier’ than size 16?

Beauty is truly within the eye of the beholder. Magazines should emphasize the beauty of individuality and personality, not just our looks.

Everybody has insecurities, but the more we dwell on these insignificant factors, the more they show.

Teens should learn to love themselves for who they are and not hate themselves for who they aren’t. The media needs to switch its focus to the positive aspects of people and celebrate individuality.