TRADITION is still holding its own and more people than ever before turned out for the Portland Pancake Races held on the lawn at All Saints vicarage lawn in Easton.

The sunshine put a spring into the step of the runners and adults threw aside their inhibitions to give good numbers in the men’s and women’s events.

Coming in on a wing and a prayer with one sporty minister holding his bible aloft in one hand as he strove to toss his pancake with the other, it was still the Portland Bill Coastwatch team who emerged triumphant in the body and soul race. Pre-school and primary school pupils ran with determination and a few dropped pancakes and only one finished sitting on the grass and still managed to laugh.

With plenty of willing helpers and everyone joining in the fun it was a highly successful community morning with MC Arthur Copus and Town Crier Stuart Cave adding colour to the event.

The main prizes were donated by the Dorset Echo and the presentations were made by the recently appointed Vicar of Portland Parish, the Reverend James Menzies.


Clergy v Coastwatch: 1, Michael Gregory, Coastwatch, 2, Kim Scard, Coastwatch, 3, Revd Tim Gomm.
Men’s open: 1, Mark Stone, 2, Michael Gregory, 3, Finnbarr Webster.
Ladies’ open: 1, Sarah Scard, Kim Scard, 3, Sian Freeman.
Pre-school boys: 1, Brodyn Chaplin, Haylands, 2, Flint Murray, Haylands, 3, Archie Parkington. Little Dragons. Pre-school girls: 1, Tillie-Mae Ellis, Haylands, 2, Brooke Alberry, Haylands, 3, Storm Middleton, Haylands.
St George’s Primary: 7-8 years, 1,Caitlin Petch, 2, Curtis Easton, 3, Amy Hallett. 9-11 years: 1, Jessica Butler, 2, James Barrell, 3, Ben Mutter.