AROUND 100 homes in Weymouth are without water today.

A main burst in the early hours of this morning in Corscombe Close off Abbotsbury Road.

But the issue is taking longer than normal to fix because a power cable close to the main needs to be secured before Wessex Water engineers can start work on it.

A spokesman said: "We are working to fix it but it is taking longer than normal because we are waiting on a utility company to sort out a power cable nearby.

"With the power cable being close to the water main, we need to make sure it is safe before we start on the water main itself."

The company is handing out bottled water to those affected and apologised for inconvenience caused.

Resident George Belch spoke of how the burst main flooded his garage.

He said: "Someone banged on my door last night to tell me the car park has flooded. It's all gone in the garage and there will be some damage. It's just one of those things- they arrived very swiftly and we have to thank them for that."

He added that he didn't think any other garages were flooded and that his water was working fine.

But another resident of Corscombe Close said: “I went to turn on the tap at around 7am and nothing came out.

“It was quite inconvenient when trying to get ready to go to work, vans from Wessex Water came round and dropped off bottles of water but we couldn’t have a shower or anything.

“At least the electric was still working and there was enough water left in the kettle to have a cup of coffee.”

A spokesman for Wessex Water at the scene said: "A main has burst.

“We will be here working for the next day or so."