A WEYMOUTH family has hit out at a driver who failed to stop after striking down their beloved pet dog.

Two-year-old chocolate cocker spaniel Cookie lost her leg in the distressing incident near Radipole Park Gardens last week.

Fiona Adams, owner of Waffle On, and her two youngest children Rufus, four, and Carys, aged seven, are urging motorists to take ‘responsibility’ for their actions.

The law states that the driver of a car involved in a collision with a dog is obliged to stop and stay on the scene until the police have given them permission to leave.

Little Cookie was forced to have her leg amputated by vets due to the broken bones that were caused by the incident.

Ms Adams said: “Cookie could have been killed – and all we wanted was for this driver to pull over and take responsibility.

“She has lost her leg and is currently at home recovering.

“It is the law that the driver should have stopped.

“Luckily, Cookie is okay but it is unbelievable how some people don’t take responsibility or even to stop and see if she is okay.”

The Trinity Street business owner was walking Cookie and her two other dogs Poppy and Cookie’s mum Biscuit at Radipole Park Gardens when the youngest dog disappeared into nearby shrubbery.

She added: “The bushes separate the gardens from the busy road so I called Cookie to come back.

“The next thing I heard was a massive scream and a loud thud.

“It was really horrible. Cookie was screaming and she came hobbling back to me holding one leg up. The driver just drove off.”

The Weymouth family thanked the three elderly strangers who helped Ms Adams get injured Cookie, Biscuit and Poppy back to the car.

Ms Adams said she alerted Dorset Police to the incident.