CALLS to reintroduce street lighting in an area of Broadwey have failed to sway councillors.

A petition signed by 101 residents of the Springfield area was presented to members of Dorset County Council’s environment overview committee.

Local county councillor Mark Tewkesbury, who grew up in the area, spoke in support of the petition at the meeting. He explained that the residents were asking for every other street light in the area to be switched back on to address concerns over anti-social behaviour and crime.

Cllr Tewkesbury alluded to the positive impact of reinstating the lights – which were turned off across much of Dorset as part of a council cost-saving scheme – had made in neighbouring Littlemoor, where Dorset Police had requested them to be turned back on for operational reasons.

He said: “We put the street lights back on in Littlemoor and it’s made a huge difference to the residents.”

However, committee members pointed out that in the case of the Springfield area there had been no request from police and it was no different to any other urban residential area.

Cllr Richard Biggs said: “I have some sympathy but I can’t see what’s different from this area to any other.”

Members agreed not to take any action on the petition and write to the petitioners setting out its views.