POUNDBURY residents are kicking up a stink after experiencing problems with a new refuse collection system in Dorchester.

Residents at Hessary Place say they have experienced repeated difficulties since the Recycle for Dorset collection service was introduced earlier this month.

Initially they did not receive their new bins and when they were eventually provided around two weeks into March they missed several collections.

Resident Amy Nash said as a result rubbish has been building up, causing a ‘health hazard’ in an area where many families with young children live.

She said the latest missed collection was the third time their bins had not been collected.

Amy said: “This is the third week in a row and it’s all over the place now.

“Apparently somebody came up and took one look at it and walked away.”

Town councillor David Taylor, who was contacted by Amy about the ongoing issues, said: “I’m dismayed at the lack of response, the lack of concern and the lack of hygiene.

“When things have been left for three weeks it creates vermin problems and all sorts of things like that.”

Director of the Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP) Steve Burdis said there was a record of a complaint regarding the failure to provide bins at Hessary Place and that was rectified after it was established housing providers had not informed the partnership about some properties.

He said that bins were delivered to the communal bin area in question on March 18 and everything was taken away at that stage and his team were due to go out today to collect what was there now.

Mr Burdis said that the DWP team would also spend some time educating residents about use of the residual waste and recycling as there may have been a ‘communication breakdown’.

He added: “We spent an awful lot of time in Poundbury making sure we got round to speak to all the housing associations and some of the solutions have been quite tailored to the area because it’s not the easiest location for refuse collection.”

Mr Burdis added that, although there had been ‘teething problems’, the general roll-out of the new system across Dorchester had actually gone relatively smoothly.

He said: “We rolled out to 41,000 homes and always knew there were going to be a few teething problems but by and large this roll out has gone extremely well.”

Anyone with issues concerning service can call 01305 221000.